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Exhibit to inspire sustainable change: GREEN TOGETHER!

GECO EXPO is the sustainability trade show, designed to allow industry professionals and companies to connect and reach an engaged and sensitive audience, who cares about circular economy, renewable energy, mobility, eco-food, and sustainable tourism. As an exhibitor at GECO EXPO, you will secure exposure for your brand on an international level.


At your virtual booth, you will have the opportunity to meet and connect to selected decision-makers and buyers. You will also be able to monitor the turnout at your booth and track interactions. Every single interaction is tracked and made available to you for subsequent analysis, thanks to our live data analytics tool.

You will be able to reach new customers, offering new ideas, products, and services to meet their needs and guide them towards a sustainable future. An increasing number of customers are looking for exclusive, innovative, and sustainable options.

You will be able to introduce yourself and have conversations with all the attending experts and present your projects and products.

You will come into contact with strategic partners and Italian and European smart sustainable startups that can help your company grow through innovative solutions that will save you time, money, and resources.

You will be able to network with industry operators by participating in round tables, live webinars, or simply by moving around our virtual venue.

You will give value to your brand by positioning it as attentive, active, and environmentally aware.

You will participate in an innovative and sustainable trade show, becoming an active part of the change.


Have a look at the world of GECO EXPO and check out the first edition’s attendance


GECO EXPO’s virtual platform will allow you to easily create your virtual booth: you can customize it with banners in the interactive spaces, upload promotional materials (brochures, pdf, photo gallery, video, link to the site with your products or your e-commerce), present your core values and increase your visibility within a unique event attended by an engaged and carefully-profiled audience that cares deeply about sustainability. You will also have the opportunity to monitor the turnout at your booth and track interactions with our integrated live analysis tool.


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