Circular economy

The Circular Economy is an economic model that is becoming increasingly popular among the countries of the European Union, determined to implement a new agenda of ad hoc measures to safeguard the planet from all the waste in which we are drowning, due to various factors such as the increase in population, the lack of raw materials and the evolution of production processes.

  • Reduce: the concept of circularity is the need to reduce the consumption of raw materials, designing products with long-term obsolescence and simple maintenance, with lower costs;
  • Reuse: the reuse of raw materials is the first great life cycle of products, so as not to lose that energy spent to generate that product;
  • Recycling: last step to recover the material.

The Circular Economy, defined as the fourth industrial revolution together with Industry 4.0, provides five fundamental principles for the definition of a new regenerative economy:

  • Product as a Service (PaaS);
  • Sustainable and innovative materials;
  • Sharing of ownership (sharing economy);
  • Regeneration of the product;
  • Longer lifespan of a product.


At GECO EXPO there is an area entirely dedicated to this issue that gives space to all economic players who have understood its potential, evolving and cooperating to achieve a circular economy integrated with every productive and economic system.

A crucial theme for the future such as Circular Economy is also dealt with in the educational, interactive, virtual Green Education project GECO For School, born as an active response to the positive experience of GECO EXPO, destined this time to Italian high schools. 

Educating the new generations on the many possibilities guaranteed by Circular Economy by providing knowledge while showing what steps are being taken by different corporate realities is the most effective act one could take in order for Circular Economy to become the new norm, evolving from a linear and polluting type of economy into a more sustainable and attentive to human and environment needs one. 


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