Sustainable tourism and MICE

How to ensure that the tourism industry can really achieve a good level of sustainability? The answer lies in the need to create adequate demand for this type of market. This is why it is important to educate future generations of tourists on issues related to biodiversity and its importance for our planet. This thematic area is based on sustainable and biodiverse tourism.

Walks in nature, medieval villages, family routes in an Italy to be discovered. An immense heritage to be enhanced, a heritage made up of traditions, customs, crafts, values ​​that must not be forgotten but exalted, a biodiversity to be preserved. How do we do it? Discovering and getting to know the many realities that want to promote a form of authentic, non-standardized tourism that is based on the true and authentic emotions and experiences of travelers.

In this area we will welcome those realities that have made sustainable tourism their modus operandi.

In the MICE tourism sector, accommodation facilities, which will have to host conferences and meetings, as well as guaranteeing the high quality of their services and accessibility to all visitors, will have to provide services that are increasingly aimed at sustainability. In fact, we will discover the destinations that are classified as destinations for more sustainable events and what characteristics the accommodation facilities, but also the companies must have, to reach the new green standards for travel and corporate incentives.

At GECO EXPO 2022, all those practices and choices that do not damage the environment and instead favor sustainable economic development will be studied in depth. A thematic area in which there will be storytelling of the places to be discovered, because it is important to make both business and private travelers feel involved in a story and at the same time responsible for safeguarding a territory. Preserving the richness of ecosystems favors tourism, as it allows travelers to discover unique environments. In this way, the part of the public most interested in the naturalistic value of the discovery and the enhancement of the territory is attracted, which usually also brings greater benefits to local economies.

We will talk about new technologies to support the tourist attractiveness of the territories. We will discover new ways of doing sustainable tourism through: cycle tourism, green ways, cycle paths, scenic railways where high speed will give way to slow tourism.

Protagonists: promotion organizations, travel agencies, DMCs, tour operators, tourism product intermediaries, business travel operators, transport carriers, startups, hospitality companies, sustainable tourism operators and travel bloggers.

The explosion of local tourism and travel arrangements that take into account sustainability criteria are closely connected to the theme of Mobility and Business Travel, find out about the latest news by visiting the dedicated section.

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