This theme starts from the need to change the current system of food production, packaging, distribution and consumption; starting from the needs of the individual up to the large GDO companies.

We have reached a level of exploitation and waste of natural resources that does not allow a future vision, moreover the quality of food is put at great risk by the pace of growth and increase in global demand. At this rate we are running out of every resource and excellence in favor of an uncontrolled consume that generates an enormous amount of food not used and thrown away as waste.

Ecofood means turning towards sustainable practices in every area of the food sector:

  • Sustainable production – the use of new technologies for food production: Agritech – Biobased products – sustainable farming
  • Sustainable packaging – involucres that do not impact the environment due to the production resources used and the generation of waste or pollution
  • Sustainable transport – avoiding the import and export of food, favoring the production and marketing of local products
  • Sustainable consumption – promoting food education in all generations to avoid waste or the demand for foods whose production requires exhaustible resources or which damage the environment

GECO EXPO will give visibility and space to all economic and social actors who promote sustainable practices for the food supply chain. The goal is to develop a collective awareness that leads to sustainable food production, distribution and consumption and that guarantees a better environmental and social future.

Protagonists: companies in the agri-food and livestock sector, promoting bodies and associations, suppliers of innovative services and technologies, large-scale distribution, logistics and distribution players, the packaging industry and the circular economy of food waste, research groups and experts united by the desire to improve supply chain linked to food production in a sustainable way and to protect everyone.

The food issue has always been linked with a direct line to Sustainable and Biodiverse Tourism. Find out how the integration of these two themes can be one of the foundations of our country’s development.



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