Mobility and business travel


Mobility in our cities appears to be anything but sustainable and integrated. So how to limit and decongest urban traffic? How to make business travel that contrast CO2 emissions and the increase of pollution dusts?

The issue of sustainable mobility is a hot topic that is being addressed especially in recent years with concrete choices by companies and local and municipal authorities in Italy and more generally in Europe. At GECO EXPO we discover which are the definitive solutions for innovative urban systems to be adopted in the Italian territory, taking a cue from the most virtuous countries in Europe and understanding the opportunities to integrate the new vehicles and car sharing services with traditional and public transport services. local, to give citizens and travelers the opportunity to choose the best way to move in relation to need and spending capacity, limiting traffic and polluting emissions.

With regard to electric mobility, with GECO there is the opportunity to get to know, together with industry experts, solutions necessary for the development of electric transport in Italy: private, public, company fleets, proximity vehicles and shared transport. 

We focus in more depth on what the cities of the future will look like and how they will be efficient, modern and able to innovate while respecting the environment and people. Attention is given to what the social solutions for urban and environmental redevelopment will be and which will solve the priorities of environmental, energy and mobility emergencies.

Sustainable Mobility and Transportation is the key for a future where human needs and environment go hand in hand.  

For this reason the theme is dealt with in GECO For School, the new educational, interactive, virtual Green Education project for high schools, born as an active response to the positive experience of GECO EXPO. 

Informing about all the options and the businesses in the Sustainable Mobility field to a reactive e receptive audience such as the one made by the students means encouraging and promoting a practical switch towards a green transition

Sustainable Transportation can become production, innovation and occupation if dealt with the right spirit, seeing it as a solution to contemporary problems. 


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