Bibop Gresta

Bibop Gresta

Bibop Gresta

Company: Hyperloop Italy - HyperloopTT

Job Title: Chief Executive Officer and Founder - CoFounder


Bibop Gresta (born Gabriele Gresta) is an Italian entrepreneur with extensive experience in Venture Capital, finance, mergers and acquisitions, transport and media. Bibop Gresta is internationally regarded as one of the leading experts in advanced mobility and technologies of the 4th industrial revolution. He has served on the board of directors of several listed companies in the UK, Germany and Italy and has led international business development for various global companies. In 2018, the World Economic Forum declared it a Technology Pioneer. As co-founder in 2013 of Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HTT), Gresta led a team of over 800 engineers, creatives and technology experts divided into 52 multidisciplinary teams and with 50 partners between companies and universities. Headquartered in Los Angeles (CA), HyperloopTT has offices in North and South America, the Middle East and Europe. HTT was the first company to develop Hyperloop® and is the largest company ever built on a collaborative business ecosystem. HTT, under the leadership of Gresta, has revolutionized both mobility and traditional business models. Bibop Gresta is currently the CEO and founder of Hyperloop Italia, a highly innovative Start Up. In Italy, Bibop Gresta and his team are working on numerous projects that aim to revolutionize the transport system. Hyperloop Italia is the first company in the world that has obtained an exclusive license for the realization of the Hyperloop project in Italy. In addition to his entrepreneurial achievements, he is a world-renowned speaker on issues ranging from impact investing to advanced mobility. Bibop has participated in major events such as the World Economic Forum, the United Nations, TedTalk, and has appeared in major media such as CNBC, CNN, Times, Forbes and MTV. He is an executive member of the Rockefeller Foundation's closed think tank Rebooting Ethics. Bibop is a respected thought leader in ethical entrepreneurship, transhumanism and sustainability, and has lectured at some of the world's most prestigious universities.

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