Elena Viscusi

Elena Viscusi

Elena Viscusi

Company: DMV SRL soc. BENEFIT

Job Title: CEO & Founder


Born in Tuscany but lived around the world, from Asia to South America, after having carried out the legal activity for years, but with a passion for business consultancy, she has started a new path that from classical consultancy has brought more and more towards a new way of thinking about the world and the company and their interactions. Having therefore passed through ISO management systems and the control of company procedures also from an environmental point of view, she discovered sustainability and made it her own by re-establishing herself and her business. And, therefore, two degrees are not enough, the qualification to practice the legal profession, a study in Italy and one in Spain, the master in Lawyer for the company, the one in Management, Administration and Control of SMEs, has also become an Expert. in Waste Management, Environmental Inspector and holds a Master in Sustainability Management: Environmental, Social and Governance and is still studying for enrollment in the Register of Environmental Managers. He decides, therefore, that there is a lot to do and little clarity about it, so he completely dedicates himself to sustainability by founding in 2021 a sustainability consultancy start-up whose motto is Work Better Save The Planet, and is realizing, with the support of Invitalia, an interactive platform dedicated to BtoB called Seimrpesa, which will be released in May 2022, dedicated to the development and creation of growth opportunities for companies that are sustainable or that want to become sustainable. He believes that change must start with the training of workers first of all who must be able to fully embrace sustainability, only in this way can the efforts that a company make to improve itself can last over time and above all be really transmitted to the community. But in order to take advantage of, and embrace all those who should be involved in sustainability, he actively volunteers at various associations that deal with the environment and organize collections of abandoned waste. We must always ready and close to the people as well as act on several fronts at the same time if we want to win the war!

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Waste management and circularity