Gianni Terenzi

Gianni Terenzi

Gianni Terenzi

Company: Ass. ArchiNZEB - Order of Architects of Rome and Province - Bio-Safe

Job Title: Founding partner - Energy efficiency technical consultant - Official indoor air quality certification technician


Gianni Terenzi, born in 1970, BioArchitetto and green popularizer. I am an Architect, because the architect in me marries in every moment with the communicator and the performer. I have been doing TV for a few years as creator, author and host of formats and documentaries for RAI Educational with Giovanni Minoli, co-produced with the Ministry of the Environment and I have traveled the world for about four years as an author and host , the best practices of sustainable architecture and green building, energy saving and green life and I have seen things that you humans ... but above all I was lucky enough to be alongside the greatest masters of contemporary architecture who have been for me a priceless source of inspiration. The TV format "SOStenibilità", 14 episodes shot in Oceania, Europe, Asia, North America and South America, won the Aretè Award as the best social communication program and manager of Italian television "for being able to disseminate important issues with simplicity, irony and professionalism ”and together with“ La Mia BioCasa ”5 episodes on the transformation of a traditional house into a green house, were broadcast on RAI 1, RAI 3 and on RAI Edu.
I am the author of numerous articles for the magazine Bravacasa, RCS group on bio-architecture and energy saving (2006-2013) and Casa Naturale (2020-2021). Today I continue to tell green stories through technical entertainment with my Youtube channel "ArchituttoTerenzi in Green" where the goal is to create cultural, informative and awareness-raising entertainment through a narrative path of communication of topics concerning construction and sustainable architecture, using the storytelling technique and also the key to irony and not to take oneself too seriously, in order to tell the change taking place and transform a product with a didactic flavor into one with informative tones and in which analyzes techniques frame a direct experience. Founding member of the ARCHINZEB Association (Italian architects experts in zero energy and sustainable buildings, selected by the CNA) ( - since 2017 Member of the scientific committee of the CETRI Association (European Center for the Third Industrial Revolution) ( - since 2016 Expert in natural and circular building materials e Designer of Bio Nursery Schools including the company kindergarten for Banca Intesa San Paolo in Naples. Designer of NZEB residences, including the first ones built with lime and hemp bio-brick in Lazio. Designer of the first Bio-Safe certified apartment (indoor health certification) in Rome. Energy designer and consultant for renovations and redevelopment of apartments and villas in Lazio.

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