Imma Romano

Imma Romano

Imma Romano

Company: Codere Italia

Job Title: Director of Institutional Relations and Communications


Director of institutional relations and communication of Codere Italia  - the company belonging to the multinational Group Codere, operating in  7 countries and 2 continents, Latin America and Europe -  which manages Bingo halls and gaming machines  in retail and online modality.
Since 2001 she is in charge to develop activities of  “responsible gaming”, related to the value of legal and sustainable game as entertainment of people, through healthy and monitored experiences, providing  tests, vademecum to clients, employees, stakeholders for a right information and education on the potential risks; engaging internal teams and clients in experiential, motivational  activities related to the tourism and event sectors; organizing  initiatives of diversity & inclusion; promoting external CSR initiatives and taking part in the designing and realisation of the internal ones.  

In 2021, during the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, she has launched the social campaign  “Abuse is never love", to promote the installation of red benches in all the international gaming halls.

For about 20 years she has been member of  different teamworks at Confindustria (SGI/CSIT) and Confcommercio (EGP/FIPE).  She is a professional member of FERPI (Federazione Relazioni Pubbliche Italiana). 

Up to 2005 she has been consultant and entrepreneur.

Neapoletan by origin, fan of Napoli Football Club, sea lover, she cooks for care and love, she reads for passion.  Proud mother of Amanda and Linda, she likes to be surrounded by creative and unique people. Her motto: “Always travel, even with your  imagination, never stop, not even seated”. She strongly believes that all of us can contribute to a better world, even just giving a smile. 

She is waiting to know what tomorrow will bring. 

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