Livio de Santoli

Livio de Santoli

Livio de Santoli

Company: Università La Sapienza, Rome

Job Title: Vice Rector for Sustainability-Dean of the Faculty of Architecture


Vice Rector for Sustainability of the University of Rome - La Sapienza, former Dean of the Valle Giulia Faculty of Architecture, Sapienza University of Rome, 2009-2010 Full Professor (ING-IND / 11 Environmental Technical Physics) at La Sapienza University of Rome of Energy Management (faculty of Engineering, master's course in Energy Engineering) and of Technical Plants (faculty of Architecture, degree course in EU Architecture) and Representative in the National Energy Cluster, former director of the CITERA Research Center (Territory, Construction, Restoration and Environment) 2005-2015. Director of the first level Master "Strategy Energy Management Systems". President of the FREE Coordination, made up of 26 associations on the topics of Energy Sources and Energy Efficiency. PastPresident of AiCARR, Italian Association of Air Conditioning, Heating, Refrigeration, 2014-2016 three-year period. Coordinator of the Energy Efficiency WG of the Observatory of the ARERA Energy Authority Member of the International Advisory Board of the scientific journal Building Services Engineering Research Technology (UK) Author of over 200 publications in the field of Energy, Energy from Renewable Source, Technical Plants, Applied Thermodynamics and author of twelve university texts and 3 popular texts Responsible and coordinator of MIUR research of national interest (PRIN) with researchers from 12 Italian universities for the construction of the national network on the "Energy requalification of the existing building stock from a nZEB (nearly Zero Energy Buildings) perspective", 2016 Activities in the energy planning sector: - Author of the SEAP Action Plan for Sustainable Energy of Roma Capitale, approved by the City Council in 2013, by the EU in 2016, -2.2 million tCO2 (2012-2020) with investments of € 5-10 billion - Author of the preliminary program of the PEAR Environmental Energy Plan of the Molise Region, approved by the Executive and the Regional Council (2017), -500,000 tCO2 / year (2016-2020) - Coordinator of the PES Sapienza Energy Plan in consultation with Roma Capitale and the Lazio Region, -4,000 tCO2 / year (2017-2030) with investments of € 15-20 million - Head of energy-environmental sustainability of Palazzo Italia, Milan EXPO 2015.

Awards - Eurosolar Award for the design of the photovoltaic system of the roof of the Paul VI Audience Hall (Aula Nervi), Vatican City, 2008 - Forum PA Award for energy planning of Sapienza, 2011 - Forum PA Award for the design of the energy requalification of the Borghese Gallery, 2017 - SUR AWARD (Shared University Research Grant) from IBM Corporation, for research on the topic "Rome La Sapienza Active Energy Microgrids", 2011 - REHVA SCIENCE AWARD (Federation of European Associations of Air Conditioning, Heating, Refrigeration), 2009 - CETRI-TIRES Award for Energy Communities, 2011 - REHVA Honorary Fellow, 2012 - Forum PA Award for the energy requalification of the Borghese Gallery, 2017 - Testimonial (avatar) for Italian Innovation for Energy, Astana, Kazakhstan, EXPO 2017 Future for Energy - “100 Italian Excellence” Award (energy sector), November 2017


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