Marco Boschini

Marco Boschini

Marco Boschini

Company: Associazione Comuni Virtuosi

Job Title: National coordinator


I was born in Parma on 30.10.1974, where I live. I am married to Monica. Together we do a lot of beautiful things, but the most beautiful ever is our wonderful baby, Marcello. Since its foundation (2005) I have coordinated the National Association of Virtuous Municipalities, a network of 130 municipalities present throughout Italy, committed to reducing the ecological footprint and spreading circular economy projects, energy saving, zero land consumption, participation active in the government of public affairs. I have written numerous books, and collaborated over the years with numerous web and radio publications: Il Fatto Quotidiano, Huffington Post, La Stampa, Radio 24. I am the creator and artistic director of the Festival della Lentezza, a cultural event that has been taking place for six years at the Reggia di Colorno. I am convinced that taking back our time (as citizens and as a community) is the premise for living better, and slowing down just enough to wait for the last ones, to wait for everyone. For 15 years I have been touring Italy as a guest of committees, associations and communities, telling and collecting from time to time incredible experiences being tested in favor of the environment and hospitality. In short: I chose to put my face on it because I think that each of us can make a difference. I dream of a sustainable, welcoming region full of cultural initiatives. “Emilia Romagna Coraggiosa” for the center-left is a fresh project, in which I found the themes most dear to me as identity, finally declined in many just and concrete proposals.

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