Riccardo Ricci

Riccardo Ricci

Riccardo Ricci

Company: Alma Travel

Job Title: Senior Business Travel Consultant


Riccardo Gabriele Ricci was born in Rome in 1972 in the same year in which his father Gabriele Ricci and partner Vittorio De Spuches founded the Alma Travel agency. At the age of 20 he began to travel as an escort and to attend the major world trade fairs in the sector and thanks to the precious teachings of his two mentors, Gabriele and Vittorio, he began to love the job of a travel agent which he defines as the best job in the world. world. In 1994 he became responsible for the tour operator product and contributed together with the airline Viasa to the creation of the Venezuela catalog. As an outgoing manager, he is responsible for carrying out site inspections of the facilities and drawing up contracts for both Europe and Central and South American destinations. In 2002 he began to take an interest in the Business Travel sector and embarked on a new training course that will specialize him in the search for prospect customers, commercial bargaining, technological consultancy, Business Intelligence solutions, consultancy on payment systems and consultancy on cost saving. The complexity of the business travel sector fascinates him so much that he deals almost exclusively with this and he devotes most of his time to personal training to try to intercept the changing needs of business customers and relationships with customers since only by listening to the latter can one guess in which direction the market will go. Nonetheless, he continues to be committed to the front line alongside his colleagues in search of continuous improvement of the service. In order to always provide the highest level of service, in 2016 Alma Travel was able to certify ISO9001 and ISO14001 in a period in which very few agencies had the certifications. But since the passion never ends and the theme of environmental and social sustainability has always been dear to Alma Travel, in 2019 the collaboration with Legambiente begins, which will see our company involved in the Tartalove campaign for the protection of sea turtles. In 2020 he manages to get Alma Travel nominated for the Italian Mission Awards as the best TMC for 40 million euros. In October 2020 he was appointed referent for Lazio of FTO Italy, a new and demanding challenge accepted with pleasure in order to help the category of travel agents in a difficult moment. In December 2020 he managed to get Alma Travel the ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) certification with A rating, the first agency in Italy to have the recognition.

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