Second day of GECO Expo! Here is the agenda for March 2nd

La prima giornata di GECO Expo è stata piena di incontri significativi e discussioni interessanti. Cosa ti aspetti dalla seconda? Ecco il programma del 2 marzo.

Electric mobility: potential, criticality and role of our country in reducing co2 emissions

Time: 9:30 - 10:45

When we talk about energy transition we often think of energy distribution in industrial and domestic contexts, but rarely do we dwell on the fact that this problem also affects the automotive industry. In this sense, Italy is lagging behind other European countries in ensuring that the market share of electric vehicles continues to grow. The risk is that this growth will grind to a halt by 2022 due to a lack of suitable infrastructure and charging stations. What solutions can be adopted to avoid being left behind in the European market for sustainable mobility?

This topic will be discussed by Francesco Menegoni, innovation manager at the Department for Digital Transformation, Luigi Antonio Poggi, head of e-mobility ecosystem development at Enel X, Giovanna Martellato, architect and mobility manager at ISPRA - Istituto Superiore per la Protezione e la Ricerca Ambientale, Valentino Sevino, director of the mobility planning and monitoring area of AMAT - Agenzia Mobilità Ambiente e Territorio, and Andrea Cardinali, general manager of UNRAE. The round table will be moderated by Gianluca Bertazzoli, General Coordinator of E-mob at Class Onlus.

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innovation and sustainability in support of a smart city model: collaborative, participatory and inclusive

Time: 11:00 - 12:30

We are once again talking about Smart Cities. How will urban spaces need to be redesigned, redefined and reorganised for a population 70% of which will live in cities by 2050? How should we learn to change our environment to enable people to live together in harmony and ensure prosperity and well-being for those who will live in metropolitan areas?

This round table will be moderated by Ivano Gallino, co-founder of Travel for business. Speakers will include Luigi Licchelli, regional business development lead & public affairs Italy of Share Now, Anna Donati, spokesperson for AMoDo & Kyoto Club, Roberto Minerdo, president of Emoby, Luisa Mao, consultant and coach at Travel for business, and Antonello Angeleri, secretary general of ANFoV.

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The transport revolution is here: hyperloop. from dream to reality

Time: 12:30 – 12:55

This green talk will introduce Hyperloop, which can be considered one of the most important turning points in the recent history of transport. This system, capable of moving people and goods at very high speed, represents a sustainable and competitive alternative to air travel. It works by constructing a tube inside which a low-pressure environment is created, reducing aerodynamic resistance and friction, allowing pressurised capsules to travel at previously unthinkable speeds.

Bibop G. Gresta, co-founder of HyperloopTT and founder and CEO of Hyperloop Italia, will tell us about it.

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The home-work travel plan, the feasible solutions between propensity for change and available mobility services

Time: 14:15 - 15:30

This panel will focus on one of the topics we care most about: mobility. In this case, we will discuss work-related mobility in particular. As the patterns of professional life change, more and more companies are appointing mobility managers to make it easier and more sustainable for their employees to travel to work. How can we promote soft, sustainable and alternative mobility in a world where commuting as we know it is a thing of the past? And what are the rewards for companies to choose to focus on their employees’ sustainable mobility?

The speakers will be Elena Pedon, head of the Sustainable Transport and Mobility Policies Project Unit of the Metropolitan City of Turin and corporate and area mobility manager of the Metropolitan City of Turin, Gerard Albertengo, CEO and founder of Bringme Srl Società Benefit, Cristina Nuñez, salary partner at Silaw Prestige, and Cristina La Marca, general manager of Emoby. Once again, Ivano Gallino, co-founder of Travel for business, will be moderating.

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The phenomenon of “bleisure” and “workation”: new needs of travelers and travel policies

Time: 15:40 - 17:00

The dividing line between leisure and business travel is becoming increasingly blurred. This is reflected in the growing phenomena of "bleisure" (business+leisure) and "workation" (work+vacation), i.e. different travel formats in which the customer wants to combine work-related travel with opportunities for leisure and relaxation. This workshop will discuss the results of a survey on this topic, launched by Travel for business.

The event will be moderated by Travel for Business CEO Rosemarie Caglia. Speakers will include Riccardo Ricci, senior business travel consultant for Alma Travel, William Gandolfi, travel & global mobility manager for AB Holding Spa, Samuel Lo Gioco, founder and CEO of Smart Working Magazine, and Alberto Gava, chief of legal affairs for Utopia lab Srl.

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Time for sustainability beyond the travel crisis!

Time: 17:15 - 18:30

This roundtable, held entirely in English, will bring together AITMM and European business travel operators to discuss sustainability as it applies to travel in the context of the crisis of the last two years and the restrictions caused by the pandemic. How should the travel industry reorganise itself?

We will talk about this with Albena Taseva, Nordic strategic sourcing manager - business travel & facility management at Codan Forsikring (Denmark), Dominic Marc Short, president of the Swiss Travel Management Association, Patrick W. Diemer, head of 'restart business travel' taskforce of VDR, the German Business Travel Association. The debate will be moderated by Daniela Berdin, travel manager and international ambassador of Askoll Group AITMM.

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Published on 01-03-2022