Circular economy

The UAE has announced plans to develop a circular economy in the country

The UAE has approved 22 proposals to promote a circular economy and strengthen the local manufacturing sector. The goal is to hasten the transition from a linear production and consumption system, known as "take-make-dispose," to one that encourages businesses to reuse, repair,

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"Nature is our only teacher" Interview with Romina Bilardo - Silent Warriors

GECO's community is growing and getting stronger as we head into this second edition, and one of the opportunities we cherish the most is following the journey of our partners, those who support us, and those who walk the path to sustainability with us. Last year, we interviewed

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Circular economy: our path to a sustainable future

The European Green Deal, introduced in 2020, presents circular economy as one of the key concepts of a new sustainable development strategy for the EU. We have already addressed this complex concept, which is also one of the thematic areas of the next edition of GECO Expo, in

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Recycling in Italy: successes and future challenges

One of the most important elements in the circular economy model is waste recycling. The reuse of materials already in circulation reduces the extraction and processing of new raw materials, thereby eliminating the corresponding CO2 emissions. When we think of Italy, we are

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The new life of end-of-life tires

Many people think that electric cars are the ultimate cure-all for pollution. Recently, however, environmental organisations in Germany have proposed banning almost all motor vehicles from Berlin, including electric cars, whose use they believe should be restricted. Why? Because

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Circular economy: benefits for your business

Circular economy is one of the most widely debated topics of our time. It is now evident and has been confirmed by numerous studies, carried out in various fields of scientific research, that this economic model is good for the planet, because it limits the exploitation of

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Il gruppo Intesa Sanpaolo e l’impegno per l’economia circolare

Che cos’è la sostenibilità? Quando pensiamo a questo concetto ci vengono in mente motori e industrie, emissioni di CO2 e plastica negli oceani, agricoltura intensiva contrapposta a quella biologica. Eppure la sostenibilità si pratica a diversi livelli e non si limita agli

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Sustainability sells: informed consumers' choices

When we talk about sustainability, we often do so in opposition to convenience. We are naturally inclined to think that a sustainable product is harder to manufacture and therefore more expensive, which makes it less profitable for the producer or more expensive for the

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