Call4Application: CIHEAM Bari and Almacube are looking for innovators!

At GECO, we promote sustainability all-year-long, especially when we have the opportunity to connect innovators and enterprises, and help our partners. Today, we are delighted to present a call for application by our Smart Talk partner Almacube, in collaboration with CIHEAM

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Synergistic garden: the new frontier of eco-food

Is there an alternative, healthy, super sustainable way to do agriculture? Of course, with the synergistic vegetable garden mechanisms of self-fertility of the soil are promoted, without any effort. Say goodbye to plowing and chemical fertilizers, just associate

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Sustainability of the agri-food chain: how technology can help us

For thousands of years, humanity has sustained itself by expanding. As the population grew, the share of land devoted to crops and livestock was increased, mostly by clearing forests and woodlands. After farming practically all the available land, our civilisation realised that

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Food waste exists and is among us

We thought we were good with food waste. Yet new research has upset the plans: between 2000 and 2017, Italy was the most wasteful country in Europe. From the milk still floating in the saucepan, to the tufts of carrots inexplicably thrown in the dustbin, to the moldy lemons

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Label narrating:sustainability becomes value

  The quality of the product is determined by the relationship between the environment, man and tradition. The emergency we are experiencing can really revolutionize the way we conceive the intrinsic value of the products we buy every day by focusing on two pillars: fair

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Sustainable eating and supply chains: a way out of labelling chaos

Nutrition has become an individual and collective battlefield, one on which social and interpersonal clashes often intensify. The subject of what we eat is rendered controversial by the ethical and practical implications of the processes that bring food to our tables. The debate

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Austrian startup prints salmon in 3D. Will this fish substitute rock the market?

When we talk about Ecofood - one of the topics addressed by GECO EXPO - we often discuss meat substitutes, since processed meat products have the highest environmental impact among all kinds of foods. But even fish, commonly thought to be healthier for humans, is rapidly

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Palm oil: stop plantations and imports in Sri Lanka

At one time or another, we have all heard about palm oil and learned to think of it with negative overtones, although few people actually know why. And yet it is a fact that brands that slam a 'palm oil free’ label on their product do so to incorporate values such as health

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Agroecologia: ottimizzare la produzione di cibo in modo sostenibile

Avete mai sentito parlare di Agroecologia? Questa sarà probabilmente una delle parole d’ordine del prossimo anno, soprattutto nel dibattito sulla sostenibilità. Il settore agricolo, infatti, è uno dei meno sostenibili in assoluto, poiché consuma moltissime risorse,

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Olanda: un esempio virtuoso nel campo dell’agricoltura sostenibile

L’evoluzione dell’umanità e la sua stessa esistenza sono legate all’agricoltura da migliaia di anni. Dalla nostra capacità di ottenere cibo dalla terra dipende la nostra sopravvivenza. Ovviamente le cose si fanno più complicate quando non si parla di piccoli gruppi

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European Commission guidelines to become aware consumers

The debate on climate change is progressing with more intensity than ever before. And no, it is not a question of debating its origin: we now know that it is man-made. What is under discussion at the moment is the part that each one of us plays. Can we really do something, even

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Il successo del vino biologico: aumento del 18% nell’ultimo anno

Il vino è da sempre uno dei prodotti simbolo dell’Italia, legato a tradizioni antichissime e apprezzato in tutto il mondo. Come tutti i prodotti dalla grande storia, tuttavia, per restare eccellente, anche il vino deve evolversi dal punto di vista delle tecniche di produzione

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Alimenti a chilometro zero: così si rilanciano le eccellenze italiane del turismo

Hotel, ristoranti, agriturismi e strutture di ogni genere, sempre più spesso offrono con orgoglio gastronomia a chilometro zero. Questa espressione si sente ormai con tanta frequenza da dimenticarne il significato e la rilevanza. Che importanza ha acquistare o servire alimenti

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